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Best Laptops For Graphic Design 2020

            Best Laptop For Graphic Designers 2020

Best Laptops For Graphic Design 2020

For a Graphic Designer, a laptop or desktop is just like the weapon of a soldier in the war, because it is a challenging job that requires serious hardware and software. And when you buy any laptop or desktop you are confused about which one is best. So here I will describe to you what you should remember while buying a PC or laptop. SO Let's GO.....

How should we select which is best for us? 

The overall performance of any device depends on the Processor, RAM and Storage Drive

The Processor

The processor is the main part like the brain that helps to run multiple applications smoothly. There are numerous processes but the most suitable processor for graphic design laptops are Core i5, Core i7, AMD ryzen, and Intel Xeon.


RAM i.e. random Access memory is the hardware that stores the data on the computer when storing data computer for the temporary time period when the computer is switched off all the RAM get lost and when we will restart the computer it will work like new RAM. In other words, we can say RAM helps the processor in processing data and give a good performance for the laptop or a digital device.


The storage device is also used to store data but it is different from Ram because it can store data permanently. I recommend that you should use SSD because the booting time of SSD is faster than hard drives


Choosing the correct screen is also so important because it gives you the quality according to me a screen with higher resolution and detailed color accuracy is good.  A 15-inch screen is perfect for Designer

Battery Life

The main motive of choosing a laptop is the battery and portability because we can carry it anywhere and work from anywhere so battery life is also an important factor of choosing a good laptop according to me normal battery life should be 12 to 14 hours which is perfect for a day

8 Best Laptops For Graphic Design 2020

1. Apple MacBook Pro

2. Microsoft Surface Book 2

3. Dell XPS 15

4. Acer Predator

5. Lenovo Yoga

6. Asus ROG Strix  2

7. Dell Inspiration 13.3

8. Hp ZBook Studio G5

These are the 8 best laptops for Graphic Designers.

                                                                     Jatin Tiwari
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