Monday, April 20, 2020

Easiest Method For Skin Retouching || 2 Min  Design

Hello Everyone, Skin Retouching is one of the most important steps in Editing an Image or creating a graphic. 
Many designers and editographers faces this problem while doing work. I have found an easy and quick method for high-end skin retouching.

1. Select MIXER BRUSH Tool:- Go to Brush tool> click and hold> Select Mixer Brush

2. Settings For Mixer Brush Tool:- The Best Settings Are Shown In Video

3. Brush Gently On Face

4. Preserve Details:- Duplicate the layer and Go To Filters> Other> Highpass> Now keep the value from 1.3-.17. Now Blend it to overlay or soft light. (You can decrease the opacity if needed.)

Easiest Method For Skin Retouching || 2 Min  Design

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