Tuesday, June 2, 2020

5 Tips For New Graphic Designers
5 Tips For New Graphic Designers

1. Start with a good color palette

Ever notice that the simplest designs tend to possess beautiful colors? That’s no accident. Choosing an excellent color palette is one of the keys to an excellent design.
Now before you cringe at the thought of selecting your colors, you don’t need to. employing a site like ColourLovers will offer you access to many beautiful color palettes. Just find a hex code you wish, and use it in your design.

2. Don’t get over-excited with fonts

Ideally, you would like to limit yourself to 1 or 2 fonts. This keeps you from having to stress about plenty of font combinations.
If you’re getting to use multiple fonts, use one for the header and another for the body.

3. Align your objects

This helps to stay design elements during a presentable order, no matter their differing sizes. Proper alignment is a simple thanks to giving your images a classy and professional look.

4. Use icons to support your message

Icons are like black pepper. they will be sprinkled on top of whatever design you’re cooking up. and therefore the icons will add extra spice to your design, ensuring that it “tastes” great.

5. Embrace White Space

When creating a design, the graphics and text tend to urge all the eye.
The areas without graphics and text are even as important, and allowing room for your design to breathe is one of the factors that separate amateurish designs from professional ones.
White space (i.e., negative space) is that the area between and around design elements, and it’s not necessarily white.

-Shreya Arora
Founder Of Designetri

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