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Typography Trends 2020


Typography Trends

So these days everyone is in the race of selling their designs, get more clients to give perfection to their designs. Some people reduce their price to win this race, some are begging for work and doing many types of tries

But you need to understand the market, what is going on? what is in trend? what type of content brands is using?

Quality is the most important thing to get the gold medal. And to get the quality in your brand you need to understand the trends because trends always give a modern touch to your designs.

5 Typography Trends of 2020


So here I Am Showing Top 5 TYPOGRAPHY TRENDS…


1. Outline Effect

Outline effect is a very effective and eyecatching effect which increase user interaction with your design.

5 Typography Trends of 2020


How to Apply?

  1. Write Your Text (Try To Use Sans-Serif)

  2. Double Click On Text Layer or Click On Fx (Right-down Corner)

  3. Select Stroke > Select the percent of stroke > Use Centred Stroke > Apply

Tip: Always Use Thin Stroke (1% or 2%)

  4. Now Decrease The Fill To 0%
  5. To Make Outline more effective use it with Same natural font (shown in picture).



2. Use Bigger Font With Smaller Font


This Style is in trend because this gives an expression of imbalance


5 Typography Trends of 2020

How to Apply?

1. Write Your Both Texts, One Big-One Small (Use Same Family Font)

2. Alignment rest to your creativity.



3. Use Half Letter Paragraphing

This Style is trending these days and can be used in Magazines, Brousures and other printing stuff


5 Typography Trends of 2020

How To Apply?

      1. Write Your Paragraph (I’ll Recommend using serif font)

      2. Take The First letter and make it bigger.

      3. Take the size of the outer selection of paragraph and delete(mask) from the letter.

      4. Set the paragraph in the blank space

      4. Keep line spacing equal

      5. Effect Is Ready. The example is shown in the picture


4. Use Multicolor Shadow

Use this effect to modernise your design with shadows.


5 Typography Trends of 2020


How to Apply?

       1. Write Your Text

       2. Copy It, change text colour and align down-left from the main text

       3. Duplicate The Layer and repeat

       4. Create 3-4 shadows

      TIP: Use Light Color to maintain Contrast, Remember your main text must be highlighted


5. Use Extreme Spacing Between Letters

    This Effect Looks Great when it is used as same as the title



5 Typography Trends of 2020

So These are 5 Trends Which are In My Feeds These days


Which One Did You Like Comment Down……





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